Clinics & Prices

AIMPOINT express level 1

Time : 2,5 hour
Number of participants: minimum is 6
Price : zł  650.00 p.p.


The new AimPoint Express green reading method is a ‘one-step’ proces which can be used by all golfers to get an accurate read on the green. Learn to read the green within 5 seconds only. Both numbers 1 of the world are using Aimpoint Express read, when will you?

At this clinic you don’t receive an Aimchart


AIMPOINT intro clinic

Time : 2 hour
Number of participants: minimum is 6
Price : zł  650.00 p.p.

Contents :
To develop the additional core skills towards recognizing slope amounts and grade. Understanding angels and breaks, using the patented AIMCHART within 6 meters.

  • Core skills
  • Putt geometry
  • Angular reads
  • Aimchart usage
  • Eastimating slope
  • Measuring Stimp
  • Practice drills

At this clinic you receive the patented Aimchart.


Privat instruction

Minimum of 2 hours

PGA teaching members: 300.00 per hr
Amateurs 500.00 per hr
PGA mini tour en LET players 625.00 per hr


* Seminars will be given in English.

* Seminars only proceed if there is sufficient participation.

* For an additional fee zł 200.00 a Polish translator will be available during the seminar on Postolowo Golf.