Just make that putt!

3 putted again? And because of that you blew up your round? Bad aim, misread or a bad technique?

Then it’s time for one of the AIMPOINT® clinics.

What is Aimpoint?

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Aimpoint® Technoligies has the solution for you and we guarantee that you will never misread a putt again. No, it doesn’t go on itself, you have to do some work for it. But the biggest part you can control with AIMPOINT®.

For whom is AIMPOINT®?

For the caddy till the tour player, the low handicapper till the relaxing player who just enjoys playing the game of golf.

Don’t hesitate and sign up for an AIMPOINT® clinic at and be amazed what AIMPOINT® can do for you.

Sander Lemmens is certified Aimpointgolf Instructor level 1 and allowed to give Aimpoint® seminars in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Romania.